Ting Tings: The Fame Behind The Name

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That techno is mixed with pop and the sounds of 80’s synthesizers leads to the chill out, feel-good tune of the indie pop band, The Ting Tings. Blasting into the Billboard charts with songs like Shut Up and Let Me Go, Fruit Machine, and That is Not My Name, they made a huge following among the Ting Ting's fans club members. It is the name that makes eveyone remember the band easily.

The Ting Tings is a 2-man band consisting of Katie White on vocals and bass, and Jules de Martino on drums and guitars. Both Katie and Jules came from various other bands in England before the formation of The Ting Tings in 2008. Katie was with Technical Knock Out while Jules was signed in with Babakito. Soon after breaking up with former co-artists, the two found that they share the same direction in terms of creative endeavors and decided to make their own music marked with a style of their own. Hence, The Ting Tings was born.

The unusual name of the band is taken from a Chinese character which means "to listen" in English. Because of its catchy feel and, the group decided to officially take it up as their mark. With cool sounds and unique name in check, The Ting Tings started playing in bars and private parties in their Islington Mill, Salford. Soon after, songs were released from local label Switchflicker, and later moved on to signing in with Columbia Records. They were already making hype around Britain as their songs were already doing regular airplays on radios. Thanks to their live performance in BBC Introducing, they were discovered and put into the Glastonbury running order. Since then, the band started opening for various big artists in concerts and performances.
The band received more exposure when their songs, Great DJ, Fruit Machine, and That's Not My Name were used in famous American TV shoes like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Shut Up and Let Me Go appeared in an I-Pod commercial and also landed the 55th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. That's Not My Name also became number 1 in the UK Singles Charts. However, the release of their album, We Started Nothing was blotched by its leakage in the internet. The band then released a statement to encourage fans to buy only original CDs and albums. Despite the internet leakage, the album sales never wavered for this famous British act.

In the recent months, the band has been receiving more airplays, acclaims from critics and awards from the VMA and UK music circuits. With these current activities, and the buzz of their first album, the music industry has more than enough seats for the Ting Tings. In the meantime, the world is enjoying their eclectic sound as the Ting Tings fans club member from all over the world grow in numbers by the minute.
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Ting Tings: The Fame Behind The Name

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This article was published on 2010/03/09